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Friday, February 27, 2009

A swirl of school and the flu

This week was definitely a tiring week, literally. I tried to get as much rest as I could, because I got the flu. On sunday I started out the day with my friend and me going downtown Houston to see the most influentional pastor in the world, Joel Osteen. It was absolutley incredible as he shared the word of God with us, and as we sang and rejoiced. Now, that evening was a different story. I had become acustom to getting ready for bed at about 8 o'clock and watching some tv to allow myself some relax time. This so called "custom" didn't work out. My mom forcefully dragged me to this dessert auction, and of course I couldn't buy any, hell a pecan pie went for 1000 dollars, 3 different times!!!! So then I started to complain to my mom that I had to get home because I wasn't feeling well, and that I probably wasn't going to go to school, because of my symptoms. I had made a doctor's appointment way earlier in the previous week to check my regular medicines. I am glad I did too, come to find out I have the flu, and have to miss the WHOLE week of school!!
I was put on a few different medications and sent on my way to get a lot of rest and to "keep those fluids in me." All week I was in distraught thinking about all the school I was missing and how I am going to be so far behind all of the others. So in order to compromise with myself I e-mailed my teachers and got some work to do. The very day I sent out the e-mail's was the day I finished all my school work for the week. I just wish everyweek could be like this :). Stay home, eat, sleep, do a weeks worth of work in a day. Unfortunatley today, I went back to school and really didn't have too much make-up work, which is good! It was just one of those weeks in which you never know what the next step is going to be until you get to the moment itself.