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Monday, January 19, 2009

My First Blog!

Well I've officially became a blogger. Today I endured a great day of hope and joy with my brother, Taylor. At first I went and helped my stepdad get his new motor scooter inspected at the local mechanics. After that I went and enjoyed the day hanging out with my brother. We talked a lot and I read a personally story to him, and we had a pretty good conversation about basically nothing, just life in general. We watched this show called "Maury," and I couldn't help but to notice that it was deffinatley a waste of my time! Who cares if the guy really has another kid. He has 25 to begin with!! Well anyways, I digress. After a total wasted afternoon we decided to go enjoy to the new movie, Mall Cop. It was hilarious, and I would recommend it to anyone that has a thing for Kevin James (one of my favorite actors.) Tonight I'm just going to relax and have a peaceful night appreciating the invention of television, and of course the media. I hope all ya'll have a wonderful day tomorrow, and everyone enjoys the Inaguration!!!!

God Bless, Blake Rudolph