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Monday, January 19, 2009

My First Blog!

Well I've officially became a blogger. Today I endured a great day of hope and joy with my brother, Taylor. At first I went and helped my stepdad get his new motor scooter inspected at the local mechanics. After that I went and enjoyed the day hanging out with my brother. We talked a lot and I read a personally story to him, and we had a pretty good conversation about basically nothing, just life in general. We watched this show called "Maury," and I couldn't help but to notice that it was deffinatley a waste of my time! Who cares if the guy really has another kid. He has 25 to begin with!! Well anyways, I digress. After a total wasted afternoon we decided to go enjoy to the new movie, Mall Cop. It was hilarious, and I would recommend it to anyone that has a thing for Kevin James (one of my favorite actors.) Tonight I'm just going to relax and have a peaceful night appreciating the invention of television, and of course the media. I hope all ya'll have a wonderful day tomorrow, and everyone enjoys the Inaguration!!!!

God Bless, Blake Rudolph


Boog Rudolph/alias/ Dad said...

Once apon a time there was a scrawney litle boy named "BINKSTER", with barefeet & ball cap weighed appox. 62 lbs, that's a good day !! Here papa is today watching this young boy become a "MAN",at 6', 185 lbs now,this dad is proud to have seen over the years him grow & mature to where he is today. I still can't resist testing his strength by saying to him,tightning my shoulder muscles come on son show me what you got. Boy Howdy, last time it really did hurt,I tried not to show it,didn't want him to think papa was weak? So to "My Binkster", "Keep focused son on your goals & remember your brother's are good examples of hard work & success"!!
Love you, Dad
PS: Someday in the future I will reveal where the BINKSTER came from, not today !!

Dustin said...

I'm so excited that you're starting a blog. I've even added a link to your blog on my blog's website so I hope you get more visitors. Only advice I can give to you is be true to your word and keep personal things privately to yourself unless you're willing to let the entire world read it. I have no doubt that there will be some great literature created from you bro!