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Friday, May 1, 2009

In the fixing

Ever since I was about 15 years old I've always had an ambition to start an organization in Africa to educate and give vaccines to the people there. There are many things in life that strike me off guard and this is definitely one of them. I never knew how bad people were off in Africa until I started studying it in all my history classes. There is no reason for us to be free from all kinds of diseases such as Hep. A and B, and these poor people out there not to take advantage of the vaccines. So one of my life long goals is to prepare education ceremonies and also to prepare vaccinations, and to give them to at least 100 Million people in my life. That is a huge goal, but what inspires me the most to do it is the people and kids the walk down the street that look fat, but really it's because they haven't eatin' in a week. By the time I'm 30 years old I hope to get this organization on it's way and have MY first trip to Africa wether it be Uganda, Nigeria, or even Ghanda. Everyone needs help over there, and I can tell you that I'm going to step up and be the hope they have for the rest of their lives.